February Art Challenge

During February I gave myself another challenge, similar to that of November. Each day I was given a different animal to paint onto a pre-painted watercolour background. Same rules as previously but this time my younger daughter, Cherry was choosing the animals. I can’t say that my watercolour skills have improved any, so I might have to leave that particular medium alone! Some of the animals, again mostly painted in gouache over pen and ink, were ok though. There are a few creatures that were a different style such as the Valentine lobster and the Chinese New Year Ox both created in a more graphic stylised manner on a plain coloured background. Also the bat was drawn in pencil crayon on a black background. Again, not my best work but the point being to create a piece of artwork every day.

The images were shared daily on Twitter and Instagram and also Instagram Stories which I was pleased to be able to work out how to do! Eventually I might even be able to work out how to share them on here! Thank you for looking and hope you enjoy them!

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