WELCOME TO MY WEBSITE and THANK YOU for taking the time to have a look at my work!

Please feel free to contact me if you would like more information about my work or wish to make a purchase – or if you just want to say ‘Hello!’

Check out my Acquire Art page for details of some of my latest works for sale, some of which you can see below.


Workshop at Cowshed Creatives

After what has seemed like a very long time, I was pleased to be able to deliver a drawing workshop for Cowshed Creatives in the beautiful Kentmere Valley. We had a gorgeous sunny day and my students had plenty of chance to sketch animals in the farm environment. We drew Saxony ducks, White Laced Wyandotte…

February Art Challenge

During February I gave myself another challenge, similar to that of November. Each day I was given a different animal to paint onto a pre-painted watercolour background. Same rules as previously but this time my younger daughter, Cherry was choosing the animals. I can’t say that my watercolour skills have improved any, so I might…

Recycled Christmas Cards

Some of my Christmas cards were too lovely to just throw away so I thought I’d have a go at recycling a few by adding my own artwork to them. I choose to paint foxes as they’re colourful and interesting creatures with lots of character. This project was quite a challenge for me as the…

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